DIY Bullet Journal Tutorial

Hey, guys! As you have probably already noticed by my Instagram, I’m getting a little obsessed with bullet journaling! I had journals growing up but only just now got back in to it after a five-year hiatus. Only this time, my journal is going to be about art, writing and general creative fun!

As promised, here is a new bullet journal tutorial!

Materials Used:

Moleskin Notebook

Mulberry Paper

Colored Pencils

Dual Brush Pens, assorted colors

Writing Pens, assorted colors

Washi Tape, assorted colors







 Step 1: First decide what purpose you want the bullet journal to have. My bullet journal (different my reading bullet journal) is to help me do something creative for at least five minutes every day.

Side Note: When I was a kid, I loved to draw; I don’t know at what point I stopped. To get back into it, I draw something that I’ve seen that day or that I want. I desperately want a dog, but I until my lifestyle supports one, the best I can do is cartoon dog, Toby. Yep, that right—I name my imaginary pets and he looks like a Toby!


Step 2: Draw an illustration on the first page of the journal. If you want a border, mark up the space first so you don’t have to cram it in later. This first drawing will be the introduction to your bullet journal. As a fan of Vanessa Bell’s work, I chose to draw a version of the illustration she did for her sister’s posthumously published diary: “A Writer’s Diary.”


Step 3: Flip to a new page and draw something from your imagination. Make it something that’ll motivate you and has a positive message. I drew succulents in a pot.

IMG_1636 2

Side Note: Pen and marker ink bleed through the pages. To prevent bleeding, place a scratch piece of paper between the pages.

Step 4: Take the mulberry paper and slip it between the two illustrated pages. Make sure the edge of the paper is tucked into the journal snuggly. Using your pencil, lightly trace around the edges of the notebook. Remove the mulberry paper. Take the scissors and cut along the pencil tracing.

IMG_1634 2

Side Note: Stupidly, I did not take any pictures of my actual process, so, yes, the mulberry pages were already inserted at the time this picture was taken.

Step 5: Cut a piece of washi tape the length of the cut mulberry paper (also now the same length as the journal). Tape the mulberry paper into the journal. The mulberry paper acts as a colorful and fun divider between illustrations and written entries!


Step 6: On a new page, write your first entry. The entry can be about whatever you want. My entries are the first drafts of DIY tutorials.

The drawings don’t need to work together (you don’t need to have a theme unless you want one) and if you don’t want to write anything, you don’t have to. This journal is for you: do what makes you happy!



Word of the Day: EARTH

Hey, guys! So, I’ve already missed a writing–prompt, apologies! I have a reason for it, but won’t give excuses. That should be my next word–excuse! 

Any who, please find my fast and fictitious response to today’s prompt just below this sentence! 

I’m often distracted. No, distracted isn’t quite the right word. Distracted leans further towards not having some self-control. Rather, I choose not to see the forest for the trees.

I wake up, wash my face, change into the new day’s clothes and speed off to work. There, I put in my earbuds and go about my day undisturbed. I pay attention only to the screen in front of me. On my way home I don’t notice the changing color of the sky or the glint of the sun on the city skyline: all I notice is the notification that has popped up on my phone. One new “like.” One new comment. No words written, just a smiley.

Then, as if by some miracle, a new light catches my eye. No, the sudden absence of light, a shadow. A pigeon has flown down beside me and is interested in the sandwich I’m holding. His head flits from one side to the other. He emits a low coo. The world, as if by magic, is all at once loud, vibrant and jostling. I can hear the wind whip through the trees. Cherry blossoms are in bloom. The sky is azure blue. I am unplugged from the digital world and grounded here, now. No one sees this. No one sees the pigeon. No one see the beauty of the day.


Word of the Day: Cappuccino



I’ve decided to expand what I do with this blog and have decided that along with writing DIY arts and crafts articles, I’m going to write about the new books I’m reading, and, a short blurb to do with a one-word prompt. By writing a short response to one word every day, I’m hoping to better my writing and keep my creative juices flowing when I don’t have a craft project to work on.

Today’s One-Word Writing Prompt: Cappuccino

The smells of a café, the earthy, nutty aroma that greets you as you walk through the door has the honeyed familiarity of an old friend. The fragrance of the coffee and spices makes the atmosphere feel warm, comfortable and familiar, even when it’s a shop you don’t often frequent.

Anticipation builds as you wait in line. Should your order a pastry? The croissants are flaky and the pound cake moist. A crunchy piece of biscotti might pair better with your order of the day. It’s your turn. The barista greets you with a warm smile and asks you what you’ll have. A cappuccino. A sublime blend of coffee and milk frothed to unadulterated perfection, you cut through the bitterness of the coffee to the sweetness of the milk and…ah, heaven. A well-crafted cappuccino is comfort in a cup. Some like to shoot it like a shot of espresso, I like to sip it slowly and enjoy the notes. Paired with a good book, a cappuccino helps to calm the nerves and bring everything back to the center. The froth and flavor of a cappuccino brings joy to hard day.