August’s Books: A Month in Review

Hey, friends! August has come and gone and September is here. Yep, I’m good at stating the obvious, haha! August was a hectic month for me, and unfortunately, I only worked through one book. Sure, my goal is to read one book a month. But secretly, (now not so secret) I like to read between two and three. Hopefully, this month proves more fruitful.

Any who, it’s time to discuss last month’s read!

Title: Mother Night

Genre: Fiction

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

ISBN: 978-0-385-33414-3

We meet Howard W. Campbell Jr. penning his story in a jail cell in Israel. More than a decade after World War II, Campbell’s enemies have found him and seek justice. Accused of committing war crimes, Campbell reflects on his time as a happily married playwright, widower, Nazi, spy, and prisoner.

We see Campbell through five periods of his life, starting as a young American transplant in Germany. Campbell grows up to become a mildly successful playwright and an even more successful champion of Nazi propaganda. Unbeknownst to the SS, Campbell is recruited by a man he calls the Blue Fairy to help the US transmit messages to their allies in his nightly broadcasts. At war’s end, the Blue Fairy helps Campbell get to America. Campbell lives alone in a small apartment. He thinks of his dead wife, his dead parents and the life he had before the war.

After meeting a Russian painter in his building, his life takes a drastic turn.

Rating: Highly Recommend

September’s Reads

Go Tell It on the Mountain

Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party

I’ve started both of the above and hope to have the second of the two finished before the end of the month. Why? It’s a selection from my public library’s book club!

Speaking of book clubs, (did you like that segway?) what if we tried building our own here? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section!


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