Word of the Day: Pet Peeve

I realize pet peeve is two words, but there’s an exception to every rule, right?

Washing my hands and still managing to get drops of water on my rolled up sleeves.

The spinning rainbow wheel when an app is taking two seconds too long to load.

Sticking in the USB wrong side up.

A single loose hair you can feel on your arm but can’t find.

Squeaky shoes.

When one backpack strap is looser than the other.

When people send five or more consecutive texts instead of making it one single message.

Cars parked over parallel lines.

Cars that honk in stopped traffic.

Cars that tailgate you in deadlock traffic.

Peeling bumper stickers.

Political bumper stickers that are four or more years old.

People who whistle in packed elevators.

People who whistle in common areas.

Okay, people who whistle in general.

People who don’t unwrap their candy until the movie starts.

People who try to one up others.

People who skirt responsibility.

Missing the elevator.

Missing a package delivery.

Drying pants that can’t be dried.

Poorly planned writing prompts (like this one).

This list will grow. Maybe.

Being indecisive.




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