Word of the Day: Laundry

Of all the household chores, dishes are my least favorite. A believer in doing my part to combat climate change (I do not believe that it’s a Chinese hoax, unlike number 45) I don’t run my dishwasher; I do all of my dishes by hand. I take that back, I do use the dishwasher—as a drying rack. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing dishes sitting out on a countertop!

I don’t really have a favorite chore. I often forget to dust and only vacuum when the carpet visibly needs it. Yes—I’m a little lazy. There are three chores I do keep on top of though:


-Weekly Bathroom Scrub


I thought there was a third, but the more I think about it, the more I don’t think there is. I do the laundry once a week. Separating the clothes by color is key, as I don’t want anything to fade or any colors to run. I hear what you’re saying: that’s taking up energy! Sigh, it is, but I try to make it up for it by, again, washing only once a week. My favorite item to fold is a pair of jeans, with my least favorite being a fitted sheet; fitted sheets are the devil’s work! While everything else has been folded and put away in their respective places, I twist the fitted sheet around my arm and hide it on a shelf in the back of my closet. No one can know my shame: I cannot fold linens.

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