Word of the Day: Pancakes

Do you ever wake up late on a Sunday morning, still sleepy and unsure if you’re ready to really face the day? Then suddenly, there’s a reason for you to get out of bed: PANCAKES!

I am motivated by food. While I realize this isn’t exactly healthy, it gives me something to look forward to, such as on Sunday mornings. Rather than a day of rest, Sunday is for me the day before I have to start the week over again. It’s the last day I can sleep in and wander about my apartment in my pajamas. I don’t need to worry about makeup or fussing with my hair. In short, I can be the oily-haired ragamuffin I truly am.FullSizeRenderAh, but PANCAKES! As soon as the batter hits the skillet I swear I can smell the color “golden brown.” After I get the spatula fully under the pancake, there’s an instant during the flip that it can go from being a perfect circle to sad blob. What am I saying? The shape of the pancake doesn’t matter; it doesn’t change the taste! After both sides have had their turn on the skillet, it’s time to transfer the golden fluffy goodness to a plate. With a light, silky pour of maple syrup, my breakfast is ready. With a belly full of pancake, I’m ready for my mid-morning nap! Yay for Sundays!

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