Word of the Day: Excuses

In yesterday’s EARTH post, I was kidding around about making the next writing prompt “Excuses.” But, you know what? I think that’s what this prompt is going to be about today.

 Let’s get to it!

  1. I’m sick.
  2. My car broke down.
  3. My child is sick. (This only works if you have an actual child. If everyone in the office knows you have no children, it won’t work.)
  4. Had to take my kid to the dentist. (Again, must actually have a child.)
  5. I blew a tire.
  6. I had food poisoning.
  7. I’m allergic to shellfish. (Best used when trying to get out of dinner plans with friends at a seafood restaurant.)
  8. I’m busy.
  9. Sorry, my mom’s in town.
  10. Sorry, my dad’s in town.
  11. Sorry, my aunt Flow’s in town. (This one can work in a few different ways.)
  12. I lost my phone.
  13. I don’t have Facebook.
  14. I don’t have Twitter.
  15. I’m not on social media.

Hmm..I’m starting to see a theme running here. These aren’t excuses—they’re LIES! Yes, some if not all of these things have been said and were true, but..who cares! Let’s keep going!

  1. My dog is sick.
  2. My cat is sick.
  3. My iguana is sick.
  4. I have the plague.
  5. I don’t drink.
  6. I don’t smoke.
  7. I have insomnia.
  8. I don’t watch that show. (Best used when you don’t want to talk to a work frenemy. Yep, I just used the word frenemy; deal with it!)
  9. I can’t, my S.O.’s in town.
  10. I can’t, I just broke up with my S.O.
  11. I can’t tell you my S.O.’s name.
  12. For privacy reasons.
  13. I didn’t notice.
  14. I didn’t see the message.
  15. I didn’t recognize you.
  16. I ran out of ideas. (Or did I?!)




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