Word of the Day: EARTH

Hey, guys! So, I’ve already missed a writing–prompt, apologies! I have a reason for it, but won’t give excuses. That should be my next word–excuse! 

Any who, please find my fast and fictitious response to today’s prompt just below this sentence! 

I’m often distracted. No, distracted isn’t quite the right word. Distracted leans further towards not having some self-control. Rather, I choose not to see the forest for the trees.

I wake up, wash my face, change into the new day’s clothes and speed off to work. There, I put in my earbuds and go about my day undisturbed. I pay attention only to the screen in front of me. On my way home I don’t notice the changing color of the sky or the glint of the sun on the city skyline: all I notice is the notification that has popped up on my phone. One new “like.” One new comment. No words written, just a smiley.

Then, as if by some miracle, a new light catches my eye. No, the sudden absence of light, a shadow. A pigeon has flown down beside me and is interested in the sandwich I’m holding. His head flits from one side to the other. He emits a low coo. The world, as if by magic, is all at once loud, vibrant and jostling. I can hear the wind whip through the trees. Cherry blossoms are in bloom. The sky is azure blue. I am unplugged from the digital world and grounded here, now. No one sees this. No one sees the pigeon. No one see the beauty of the day.


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